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What is a personal assistant?

So, who and what is a Personal Lifestyle Assistant? (PA)

To be a great PA you will be a great listener and communicator, have excellent people skills, initiative, patience, empathy and flexibility. There is a role for everyone when you are a PA.

It’s all about ‘person centred support’ so, we don’t deliver services ‘to’ a person, but we work ‘with’ them as a companion and enabler. We empower people, so they have choice and control, so they have greater opportunities to maximise their physical and emotional wellbeing, be independent and engage with life and activities within the home and the community. We can all live well for longer with the right support at the right time, and that maximises our life chances all round, and reduces pressures on our healthcare system too.

Short term PA’s (bank staff)

These roles are primarily for people in need of very short-term support at a real time of need. Currently we are working with our NHS to provide packages of support to enable people to leave hospital when their may be barriers to going home alone. There are significant pressures on our NHS and our care system right now and, we all want our NHS to be there for us when we, or our loved ones need it, so this helps us all do our bit, and to ensure our hospitals are not overburdened unnecessarily. Basically, you will support that person to stabilise their situation through emotional and practical support, and our back-office team will support you, answer any questions you have and provide guidance.

Tasks include things like:

  • Ensuring the home is heated, and the person is comfortable and they can mobilise safely within their home
  • Maybe there is laundry to be done and put some fresh sheets on the bed
  • Ensure the home is safe, tidy and clean
  • Empty the fridge of food that’s past its use by date, shop and prepare meals
  • Collect prescriptions, prompt the person to take their meds and ensure they are clear what they need to take and when
  • Make medical appointments where needed (District Nurses or eye care for example).
  • Support with any home administration / bill paying etc.
  • Identify any needs and liaise with our back-office team, they can lever other support to meet an individual’s needs. (This could be organising prescription or shopping deliveries, or a blister pack for the persons medications if they appear to be struggling to understand what they need to take and when).

Long Term PA roles

Lots of people employ their own PA’s, through receiving a Direct Payment from the NHS or Adult Social Care to buy in their own support which gives them choice and control over how their care and support is delivered and managed. There are many vacancies in this workforce right now which can mean people are managing without the support, so part of our role at Humans is to advertise these as opportunities in the ‘Permanent Roles’ area of the App, and we will help facilitate between you as the applicant and the employer.

Every PA role is different as that’s down to the needs and interests of the employer themselves, but the job may involve:

  • Supporting your employer to run their home, which includes everything any of us would do in our own homes such as: cleaning: ensuring the bills are paid; setting up direct debits; contacting relevant services; pet care; cleaning etc
  • Helping with prescriptions and taking medication
  • Supporting with tasks such as shopping, meal prep and cooking
  • Booking and accompanying or even driving your employer to appointments
  • Assisting with personal care such as bathing and dressing (although not all roles involve personal care)
  • Supporting your employer with their physical and mental wellbeing through being active, getting outdoors, supporting involvement with community activity they may enjoy, which could be anything from fishing to swimming and cinema to going to the beach! So being a PA can work brilliantly if you and your employer have common interests and likes.
  • Sometimes this work doesn’t feel like a job at all. You may have a shared interest / hobby and that you can enjoy doing together, or perhaps you can introduce them to something new.

Every job is different. You may choose to work with multiple clients, or you may fit a PA role in around other work that you do, as some employers may only need a PA for a few hours a week, for example, someone to accompany them to a session in a hydrotherapy pool or to undertake an activity.

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