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Health and Care at Home is a private company with a growing reputation for delivering high-quality, premium care services in the home of the people that choose to use our service.

Health and Care at Home are passionate about person-centred care, and work alongside the people who use the service, where family, friends and community understand the clients life history, values and belief systems. This enables staff to empower customers to continue to be the people they have always been.

The team are a highly experienced, professional team providing unique, innovative care. The services are provided in the comfort of their customers’ personal residence.

The staff are skilled, talented practitioners with experience of working within a community setting, each holds a minimum Level 2 qualification in health and care.

The team are available to support their customers at any time, assessing people while they are in hospital, co-producing care plans, ensuring the client’s home is discharge ready with the correct equipment in place and assisting their discharge home where necessary.


Areas covered

St Agnes/Perranporth

Service types

Domiciliary/Home Care

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