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There are lots of different job roles in social care and health, as well as a variety of settings – residential care, hospitals or supporting people in their homes or in the community.

There are opportunities to progress into a wide range of careers including:

  • Working in specialist areas, for example dementia, learning difficulties, physical or sensory impairment, end of life care
  • Team leading and management roles
  • Moving into support areas, for example as a trainer or advisor
  • Regulated roles like social work, nursing or counselling

Try these free online quizzes to find out if a career in health and care is right for you:

Health – Let’s find your health career

Social Care – Could you care?

What qualifications do you need?

What matters most is that you have the values, beliefs and attitudes required for working in care.

However, all health and care workers need a few core skills, for example English and basic number skills. You need to be able to do everyday tasks like communicating, counting medication, making notes and using a computer. You also need skills in team work and problem solving.

The Care Certificate shows the minimum areas that should be covered as part of your induction training. You may choose to do additional formal qualifications depending on your area of work or chosen career path, for example NVQs.


Apprenticeships can be for new or existing employees of any age, and are a great way to enter a career. They allow you to learn on the job from experienced workers while being paid. Explore the wide range of apprenticeships available to develop a career in health and social care.

The Cornwall Apprenticeship site provides information on apprenticeships in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly for both employers and individuals including details of apprenticeship providers. See the Guide to Apprenticeships for Health and Social Care Employers in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly for more information.

School leavers pre-apprenticeship support

Some people may require additional support to access apprenticeship and Dynamo Healthcare Training Academy (Dynamo) has been set up to support young people in Cornwall to commence careers through Apprenticeships. They offer a bridging programme for school leavers who do not want to go to College for different reasons but are not yet ready for employment or an apprenticeship. They offer a 9- month preparation to work/apprenticeship support programme as an alternative to College for school leavers. Further details are on the Dynamo website.

Get into Health and Care Cornwall

Get into Health & Care Cornwall is a locally based initiative about opening more doors to employment and training in the NHS, attracting people with the right values and ability to do an excellent job and gaining the benefits of a diverse workforce. The Get into Health and Care Cornwall Facebook page provides a range of information and their new website will be available soon.

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