Kim’s Journey into Working in Care

Kim didn’t take the typical route to in working in care.
Instead, she made the transition from the leisure industry to care after a friend recommended it while she was helping her daughter with complex care needs.

Kim opens up about her initial hesitations about working in the care sector, particularly about end-of-life care, a topic many of us may find daunting. “When I first started, I was really emotional about it,” Kim recalls. “But now, I see it as a journey. It’s less emotional, and I’m proud of myself for supporting them to the end.”

A change in perspective

Despite her initial uncertainties, Kim found profound fulfilment in her role. “It’s not what you expect,” she shares. “It’s professional, and you end up thinking about the person’s needs and how to make them comfortable.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in care is the deep connections she forms with her clients. “It’s like visiting friends,” she says. “You chat, you learn about their lives, and you feel like you’ve achieved something after every visit.”

Kim also sheds light on the misconceptions surrounding care work. “People don’t realise how much we do,” she explains. “It’s about ensuring their safety, monitoring their health, and providing companionship. It’s much more than just having a chat and doing some shopping.”

Wondering if care work is for you?

For those considering a career in care, Kim offers valuable advice: “You have to experience it to know if it’s for you. Don’t let the personal care aspect deter you; it’s more professional than you think.”

What’s more her dedication to her role has not only changed her life but also influenced her approach to parenting. “I’ve learned to appreciate the little things and be more patient,” she shares. “And I hope to instil kindness and respect for others in my children.”

Kim’s story tells of the profound impact of working in care, reminding us of the importance of compassion, empathy, and genuine connection.

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